Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm soooooooooo hung-over

i'll come back with a serious post later but all i can say right now is AAAHHH MY FUCKING HEAD

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bayanouni & Khaddam and the 2nd Hamas Card

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching love is in the air on many fronts. The Muslim Brotherhood have found a new aficionado in Abed el Haleem Khadam the ex Baathist and one of the party’s pillars for decades. This really goes to show you that politics is the dirtiest game in the world and that if you live long enough you’re bound to see some crazy shit. Many analysts might see this move as consolidation and strengthening of the opposition’s line-up. I wouldn’t completely agree; for one what is the MB gaining in having Khaddam in their ranks? He does have the Saudi/Sunni connections and might be more appealing to the west than the fundamentalist banners the MB waves around BUT what else? In the place that matters most => the Syrian streets, Khaddam is a liability and a washed out loser. That last comment applies to both regime supporters and haters for obvious reasons. So in short, zero points in mass-appeal for poor old Khaddam.

To me this alliance highlights the MB’s desperation as well as its newfound pragmatism. It might be the strongest opposition party out there but they still have to compete with many different secular parties that oppose MB dominance. So if the MB held a stronger hand they would not be willing to align themselves with the very image of their oppressors.

On the other hand, Hamas’s latest win must have aroused the MB a great deal. Because if Hamas can succeed in establishing a somewhat normal relationship with the west then what would stop the latter from doing the same thing? But I wouldn’t reach for the condoms and the lubricant just yet. Washington might be willing to deal with a couple of Islamic institutions in the regions but its not about to allow Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq Islamatized all at the same time on top of the existing Islamic governments/parties. And more realistically I don’t think the US or Israel will allow Hamas to become a viable political entity. It might dabble in some time-consuming “talks” but they are not about to lose their much closer, and more willing to concede, partner the PA.

Is that to say that the MB, Khaddam and others are wasting their time? No, there are serious cracks in the Syrian regime and as all opposition members are expected to do, they will try to exploit these cracks and bite for time. I just think they will be biting for a lot longer than they hope or think.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Danish Fulla

On the request of some commentators (Caveman & Vox) I have changed the background, to make it easier to read. Only after changing it did I notice that its the same one Caveman uses, sorry about that.

I’ve been torn between two topics as the subject for my new post. The Danish Cartoon controversy and the colossal amount of ridicules “news” articles that Al-Arabiya have been posting regularly on their website. So instead I will have one post briefly discussing both.

As for the Cartoon debacle I would like to say… give me a fucking break. While its nice to see the Muslim and Arab world agreeing on something for once. The situation has been taken too far; it’s become a mockery and reached an insulting stage. Why cant we be this united and determined when it comes to matters that are actually of importance? God knows that the Muslim world is rampant with problems and oppressions that are fundamentally more vital than what a dozen of racist pricks in northern Europe decided to jot-down. I am fully in agreement with those who say that if these bastards decided to draw a cartoon making fun of Jews being grilled in some nazi barbeque they would be in jail by now and part of me says “and they would deserve it”. But the reaction has been overblown and in many ways unfair. Denmark, its government, and companies are paying the price for a wrong they did not commit or even support. The best strategy the Muslim world should have taken is the same one a reasonable adult should take with stupid kids…IGNORE.

Two contradicting views in the blogsphere can be found here & here. The first is in support of the Danish boycott, but as said earlier and as mentioned by one of the commentators on Ayman’s blog “However, I can't help wondering bitterly where all those boycotters are when Palestinian schoolgirls are being shot dead, when olive trees are being uprooted, Palestinian farmers attacked by colonisers and a wall/fence erected on Palestinian land. Where are the boycotters? Can't they do something simple and efficient to voice their anger? Why is it that when the prophet Muhammad is insulted they react (which I understand and sympathise with fully) but when children are killed they don't?” While the Palestinian issue is becoming a redundant example, the man still has a point.

The second is Kais’s political charged and driven view on the matter. Not so much regarding the actually dilemma but instead he utilized it as a jab against one of his least favorite politicians. While I agree with his point that there is no need to have another fatwa like the one issued against Rushdie. I still feel the clandestine message sent by some anti-Hizbullah bloggers are disregarding the fact that Nasrallah is not inciting but actually reiterating what’s on the mind of MANY MANY Muslims.

Speaking of what’s on the mind of many Muslims. I’ve just started reading Al-Arabiya’s website (I’m usually reading And though I have viewed it as a more “balanced” Arabic TV news channel when compared to others including Al-Jazeera. I have realized that their website is worse than British tabloid. The site is infested with shallow, trivial and petty “news” articles on certain social incidents that mostly occur in the GCC. Check this out as a small example, here & here but what’s more intriguing, disgusting and most of all entertaining is the comment section. Although, the second article rings closer to home for me since I am Syrian and my girlfriend is Saudi, and we had jokingly said that she should break up with me before ending up like that poor “innocent” Kuwaiti girl ;)

But what got my rage fired up was this article about Fulla (the muslim Barbie) a few weeks ago where you can be astonished by the incredible amount of participants for these religiously charged articles. Check out a few quotes of the many posted by complete morons on the issue. What I keep hearing in my head is “these monkeys are YOUR people” makes me have dry heaves.

و الانترنت واهمال الاهالي هذا الايام تحت عنوان حقوق المراة والديمقراطية والتطور" tv "هذابسبب ال

"هذه بشارة خير للامة الاسلامية ... وبداية العودة للامجاد والحضارة الاسلامية... ولكن يجب ان نستمر بهذا الشكل وفي جميع الاتجاهات ...الاغاني ...الافلام ....التعليم ................الخ"

بارك الله فيكم أيها الصينيون. أنا أب لبنتبن في العاشرة والخامسة عشرة من عمرهما. وللأسف لم تكن هناك عروشة محتشمة أقدمها لابنتي الكبري في ذلك الوقت مثل فلة فأحضرت لها باربي، وبعد فترة من الوقت لاحظت أن سلوك ابنتي أصبح منحرفا تأثرا بهذه الدمية الفاجرة، ففي إحدى المرات كانت تقف في الشرفة وهي بالملابس الداخلية متخذة وضعا مثل الباربي، وفي مرة أخرى نزلت لشراء الحلوى من البقال وهي عارية الصدر. كانت ابنتي على وشك الانحراف لولا أنني حطمت هذه الباربي الفاجرة. أما ابنتي الصغرى حماها الله والتي أحضرت لها فلة، فقد أصبح سلوكها قويما منذ تعرفت على فلة، لدرجة أنها أصبحت لا تظهر أمامي إلا وقد غطت وجهها وكفيها بالملابس السوداء المعتمة خوفا على نفسها وعلى أبيها من الفتنة. حمدا لله.

Before I bid you farewell can you please tell me where I can hire assassins to hunt the people who are publishing this garbage?